If there is water, there is future.

No one can imagine a life without water. Save water save life.

All over the world World Water Day is held on 22 March every year with purpose to save water and to understand the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. The World Water Day (WWD) is not only a day but also an opportunity to learn moe about water related issues and be inspired to tell our friends, relatives and all others in our social to take a different action to protect this(water) natural resource, because water is an essential building block of life. Water is a natural resource and to save it is vital for creating new jobs, support economic , better social and human developments.

What to do on this World Water Day

Although , World Water Day is a time to meet face to face and discuss about to tackle about the global crisis and water situation in the world, Since, all world is fighting with pandemic COVID-19 hence, this year plans should be changed. water sanitation is must to outbreak new Coronavirus. Hand hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. On this World Water Day and any other day please remember to wash your hand regularly with water and soap or with alchohal based rub.

According to the WHO report in some parts of world there is a little or no awareness of Good hyggirne practiceand their role in reducing the spread if disease. However, it is often the case that even when people do have knowledge of Good hygiene behaviour. In this regard the P.M of India also convinced the nation.

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Usually all of us use water but don’t care about its value, misuse. We also don’t care how to save it and how to protect water from pollution. Water pollution is very big problem, which is cause of different types of diseases and if, the water pollution is not minimized rhen it will push the lives on this earth in the hell.


  • Microplastic
  • Nuckear waste
  • Eutrophication and water pollution
  • Underground Storage Leakage water pollution
  • Oil pollution in Water
  • Nuclear waste and water pollution
  • Industrial water and water pollution.
  • Martine damping water pollution
  • Chemical water pollution.
  • Oxygen deplwrong water pollution
  • Suspended matter
  • Sewage and wastewater pollution.


Water pollution is a trrible factor of global warming, because an increase of temperature in water can result in death of several aquatic organisms several marine habits. A rise in water temperature causes coral bleaching reefs around the world which can result great damage of coral reefs and subsequently all the marine life depends on it. The burning of fossils fuel release many type of gases which cause global warming. Global warming is a process where the tempenature increases due to greenhouse effect and the rise in the Earth’s water temperature is caused by the global warming.


  • Any type of fat, oil, grease or fat from cooking should be avoided to dunk in the rivers, pons, canals or sink it in the liquid state. A fat jar should be kept and store these items until the full of jar and discard it in the dsink it in the solid state only.
  • Avoid to dunk in water any type of house holding chemical or cleaning agents like in canals, ponds, rivers etc.
  • Minimise the use of pestcides, herbicides, fertilizers. These chemicals or auomotive fluids avoided to be disposed into sewer or storm sewer system because, both other end at river.
  • If you have cellar drain or dump pump, ensure that it doesn’t drain into sanivary sewer system. If you are unsure please conac with your local water pollution control or nearby sewer control office
  • Garbage disposals should be avoided. Solid waste should be kept solidand make compost from vegetables scarps.
  • Use of detergents or bleach should be minimized during washing of clothes. Use of phosphate free soaps and detergents is better
  • Using the toilet as a wastebasket should be avoided. Most wrappers, tissue papers, dust clothes should discarded in wastebasket.
  • Un-necessary wastage of water should also be avoided.
  • Don’t flush pills or powder medications, pills or drug down the toilets.
  • Avoid Single use of plastic and don’t discard any garbage direct in the ponds, rivers, canals etc. Keep all garbages in dustbin and discard it in solid state in a sink.


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