Nation is first it is the prime motto of CRPF and for this, all the soldiers and officers of CRPF have to do anything, then they do.

Now-a-days not only India but the whole world is in the grip of this CORONA Virus, due to which the economy of every country is being affected, that is to say in a clear word, now the economy of the whole world is affected. Has missed. Due to the lockdown in the country, all the factories have been closed, the trains have stopped, all the airlines of the country have been shut down. Even the private shops and all other means of employment have been closed, due to which not only the lives of the people are being affected, but in this era the country is facing a loss of billions every single day. But in such adverse circumstances, the nation has to be vigilant in the search of new technologies in the field of medical science, to save all the citizens of our country from the CORONA Virus, to provide convenience to the people, for the facilities, etc. But the Indian government is spending so that people can somehow be saved from the grip of COVID-19. The living and eating of the poor laborers trapped in the crowd can be arranged in the best manner. For all this, the Indian government is spending a huge amount of money right now. Since CRPF is such a Police Force of the country, which is deployed 24 × 7 in every corner of the country and is well aware of every activity happening in its country. Whatever be the Jawans and officers of CRPF , but when it comes to service to the country, the members of this force leave no stone unturned to pay the duty of patriotism. Recently CRPF has donated ₹ 33,81,00000 to PM Cares from its Welfare Fund and again all the members of the force together add their one-day salary and a check of ₹ 116 Crore for the Indian Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah , has donated the check to the PM Cares Fund in the interest of the nation so that the Government of India can get financial help for treatment and others arrangement which will be helpful in fighting COVID-19. Along with this, you can see how the members of the force are getting ready to serve the people in their duty. This is the specialty of this force, that along with fighting the enemies of the country, it also performs the public service at the right time, and all these characteristics keep the dignity of the CRPF . So once again the whole country thanks for SECOND DONATION TO NATION BY CRPF_ ₹ 116 CRORES. Jai Hind.


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