During lockdown period of COVID-19 breakdown, the lifestyle of each and everyone’s lifestyle has changed.

Nowdays, all countries in this are facing hardship in different fields due to COVID-19 and standard of living of people is severely affected due to coronaviruses, but to outbreak of COVID-19, it is must to maintain the LIFESTYLE DURING LOCKDOWN anyway.

Which community is badly affected during lockdown ?

The lifestyle of everyone’s has changed nowdays and people are facing a lot of problems, because the things of daily needed is not to be available, and the most needy items of daily needs are in shortage condition in the maekets. The rich families who have storage of foods and every eatable items and all other basic needy things which are required to be alive in their homes are living successfully in with their families and kids but the middle class families and the families below poverty level who alive with their daily earnings ,who have not sufficient storage of foods and any others items which are essential to survive a life, are got very affected with this lockdown, because they can’t arrange those things as those have not source of income now days.



During lockdown student’s lifestyle is also severly affected, all schools are closed , colleges are not opening nowdays, tuition centres are closed and there is no any teacher there, all educational institues and educational hubs are closed, shops which sell items for schools and colleges students are closed thus if a student has requirement for any learning books, note-books, pen-pencils etc couldn’t be made available for there teaching purpose nowdays. Syllabus of students are not completing now days because there is no one to teach them. Students, they can learn themselves only in their house or with their family member if available to teach him. The dates if all competitive examinations have been extended upto till further orders, results are awaited by students, upcoming vacancies are postponed, it means student’s lifestyle are completely affected during this lockdown due to break of COVID-19.


Lockdown is surely necessary to stop the spread of coronaviruses, breakdown of COVID+-19 to save the survive of human beings from the pandemic COVID-19. By adopting lockdown the transmission of coronaviruses could be minimized in very well manner. I think this lockdown should be adopted by whole country more earlier when the China was facing problems in the beginning. All international flights would have be banned at that time and all transportation also would have be banned thenever. If this would have been adopted at that time, then the such attack of coraviruses among world ,never spreads.

This lockdown not only helps to minimize the transmission of coronaviruses, but also it helped India to save it from any mishappening in coming future.


There are many unauthorised persons were caught in different places of India in masuqes ,who came from different countries of world in India in the form of “Jammat-EIslam” and were hide in various corners of India. The people of Jamaat-e-Islam have been arrested for violating the lockdown rules by coming to India as they were increasing the outbreak of Corona. Have come Because they or the clerics hiding them in mosques did not even let the local administration know about their arrival, when it was mandatory to report it. It is being said that these Jamaat-e-Islam people have come to India and the people of India with the intention of harming them and they were also involved in the recent Delhi riots.

But, due to this lockdown in India these Jammat-E-Islam persons who were spreading more transmission of coronaviruses have been arrested from different parts of India. Thus, Lockdown in India become a good policy to stop more transmission of coronaviruses by these Jammat-E-Islam and to stop the more voilance in India in coming future.


Since the lockdown is affecting social life, but the people with some good living skills like most film stars, celebrities, cricketers and many other people are enjoying it. In there professional lifestyle of film stars, sportspersons, businessmen and other employee personnel couldn’t spend there most time with their family members, but nowdays during lockdown they are free from their professional lifestyle and are spending full time among their families members. They are watching cartions, movies, TV favourites TV series and shows etc .Such type of persons are enjoying it at their homes and farmhouses with very joy and happiness ,without tension of professional lifestyle.


Lockdown acts as a good coach for us. Because , it teaches us that there is no any other safe places in this world except our home. To remain safe and keep others safe during this quarantine is a better time. Creat new better ideas and to doing of something new creative activities. In this quaratime period people are cooking their foods themselves, reading good books, news is better which makes us well disciplined.

Thus, the lifestyle during lockdown is not so bad with a good and new thought if you could it.

N. Kumar
N. Kumar

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