Justice Department Ramps Up Google Probe, With Heavy Focus on Ad Tools

As all world is affected by the worst epidemic COVID-19 and day by day it is affecting more and more people all over the world. Due to this epidemic COVID-19 all schools are going to close till further time up to the situation to be normal of COVID-19. So, millions of students on the global base are missing their learning classes and unable to attend their classes and this irregularity for students is not so good. Hence, the world’s largest web search company Google had created a new distance learning resource TeachFromHome a new Learn@HomeYoutube including various types of learning apps which are designed for learning distance and will be very useful to teachers and students by which teachers and students will be able to connect with each-other from their home. These learning aaps are available at Chromebook aap including all study materials class wise , subject wise, and devided it into group of age criteria to students.


This TeachFromHome resource is designed for families as well as webinar and blogs posts . This premium features are made free for schools through 1st July 2020. This webinar has the capacity to have 250 people in call together. This resource TeachFromHome is central hub of information , tips, training and tips for teachers to join, attend the distance classes to teach the students even when they are not in the class. This learning hub techonology has been developed on the google by the help and co-operation of UNESCO Institute of Information Technology in Education who is also working with others education partners to respond during the emergency situations. At present the distance this distance learning is available in English language along with downloadable tool kits in the German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Arbic, Polish, and French languages. Some others language Like Hindi, Chinese and others will also be available with this education Hub.

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