1 . Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers. $53 bn

Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers is the 1st Richest Women of the world in 2019 with a networth of $53 billion is daughter of Lilliance Bettencourt who was owner of L’Ored cosmetics fortune. Francoise heiress the 33% stake in the L’Ored company after the death of Lilliance Bettencourt who was her mother and the owner of the L’Ored, . Late Lilliance herself was the richest women of the world in her time with a networth over $107.5 billion stake in L’Ored company. Further, Francoise is also an accomplished author of her published books on Greek Gods and Jewish Christian relations.

2. Alice Walton (U.S): $46.5 bn

Alice Walton 69 years old is the 2nd richest women of the world with a networth over $46.5. Her background is also from a richest family . Alice is single child and daughter of ‘Sam Walton’ who was the founder of world famous Walmart. Alice is co-manager of Walton Enterprises which is family holding company and plays rolls for 50% largest retailer of Walmart company.

3. MacKenzie Besos: $35.6 bn

The third richest women and 24th richest person of the world, MacKenzie Besos is 49 years old beautiful lady. She is mother of four children with the Co-founder of Amazon. She married with Jeff Besos the Co-founder of Amazon in 1993 and divorced him in 2019. She got atleast $35.6 billion as 4% stake in Amazon of worth $36.6 billion after divorce from Jeff Besos. Besides it, she has others more networth and has true networth more than $40 billion.

4. Jacqueline Mars: $23.9 bn.

Jacqueline Mars 79 years old lady is the 4th richest women and 33rd richest person of the world has networth over $23.9 billion. She owns one-third stake of Mars Inc which is the world’s largest confectioneries was setup by her grandfather Frank in 1911. Mars Inc is one of the largest manufacturers of pet food in the Unites States. Jacqueline is also an active philanthropist for the Washington National Opera and National Archives.

5. Yang Huiyan : $22 bn

Yang Huiyan is 5th richest women of the world with a networth over $22 billion. She is 37 years young beautiful bold lady , the youngest and richest women of China and also the 42nd richest person of the world. She belongs from a richest background family. His father Yang Guoqiang is the founder of the world famous holding company namely Country Garden Holdings. C.G Holding was established in 1992 in Shunde. Yang Huiyan owns 57% stake in her father’s company C.G.Holdings. She is also the owner of Bright Scholar Education holdings which operates the biggest International K-12 Schools in China.

6. Susanne Klanten: $21bn

Susanne Klatteni is 6th richest women and 46th richest person of the world has networth $21 billion. She born on 28 April 1962 in Germany. She is daughter of Herbert Quando and Johanna Quandt. Klanten is also 2nd European richest women. She inherited 50% stake of chemical company Atlanta A G after the death of her parents and owns 19.2% stake in BMW , his brother Stage Quandt owns 23.7% stake. She has taken Atlanta private company and has bought stake in various companies like Graphite Productions and Wind Power etc.

7. Laurence Powell Jobs: $20 bn

Laurence Powell Jobs born on 6 November 1963 is a very successful American businessman lady in the world has 7th rank in the list of top ten richest women of the world in 2019 with a networth of $20 billion. She is 56 years old and widow of her Late husband Steve Jobs who was the Co-founder of world famous company Apple. After passed away of her husband Steve Jobs she along with her family inheritted 20% of stake in Apple and Disney. She has invested her money in various different companies like the Atlantic Magzine and in a coding school Emerson collective based in California, Silicon valley which focus on social changes and educational reforms.

8. Gina Rinehart: $18 bn

Gina Rinehart is the 8th richest women of the world has worth over $18 bn and also the richest person of Australia. She is a very aggressive businessman lady . She is owner of company namely Hancock Prospective which is an Iron-Ore exploring company of her father and she re-built it into a big one.

9. Abigail Johnson: $ 17.5 bn

Abigail Johnson born in 1961 in America is a famous business women in America has networth $17.5 billion. After study from Harvard business school she started her career as a Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Investment which was founded by her Grand-father. After reaching to the position of CEO in Fidelity Investment she became one of the powerful women in the world and owns 49% stake in the company Fidelity Investment. Fidelity Investment is the 2nd largest Mutual fund company in the U.S with $1.67 trillion in networth assets under management.

10. Iris Font bina : $ 16.3 bn

Iris Fontbona born in 1942 in Santiago, Chile. She is the 10th richest women of the world with networth $ 16.3 billion. Iris ia a businessman lady by profession and takes ownership of Antofagasta PLC which is one of the largest mining operation company all over the world. Antofagasta was founded by her Late husband Andronico Luksic Abaroa. Her husband passed away in the year 2005 due to cancer. Iris ia a very kind hearted women who devoted over $4.3 billion to the children affected with physical disabilities.

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