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Best online business without investment in India -2022

In this modern era as population is increasing continuously, simultaneously the source of businesses and demand of people are growing fast as well. The power of internet is very-very beneficial for both users and suppliers. User refers to the person to whom having necessity of products or services and suppliers are termed as who fulfil the demand of users.


In this blog post you will read about best online business ideas. So, lets start to know the various types of best online business without investment in India by which one can earn a good amount of money in starting and a huge amount after to become professional.



Online business gives you more freedom in comparison to a physical shop or office of store. You are not in bound of anyone in online business. It gives more opportunity to expand your business all over the world with minimal investment. The business you are thinking to start for a long time and couldn’t be started yet, now you can do that successfully using with your own skill and manner. Through online start-up of any small business, it is more chance to grow your business up to a big level brand.



There are several best online business without investment in India which can be started to earn money. Earning of money depends on your own skill and labour that how you deal with your business. If you want to earn money by online business without investment in India or with minimal investment you can choose one or more types of online business given below as your convenience and choice.


If you have good writing skill and like to write then, this is best idea for you to earn a huge amount of money with zero investment and you can start your own professional blogging as an online business without investment in India or any where. To start blogging, it requires only a PC or Notebook with good internet connection or also you can do it with your mobile phone.

Choose one or more topic as your blog niches in which you have good knowledge about and start to write continuously on the niches chosen by you on your blog. There are many blogger who are earning a huge money and fame from their blog and living a well settled life. Blogging is the one of the best idea to earn huge money because, a blogger is his own boss and always remains free from other’s command and he has no need to work under anybody.


There are many websites and blogs who are looking for freelance writer for their own websites or blogs and offers a very good amount to writer for writing posts on their blogs and websites. If you have sound knowledge of script writing or content writing then it is a best idea for you to start content writing as an online business without investment in India and earn a good amount without investment.

Some new business websites look for good content writer for their business website whether, some blog or online magazines or online news papers owners offers regulars jobs for content writer. You can write as a part time writer or a full time writer, it depends upon your own choice. You can find jobs for content writer on social media or job search websites. If you are really serious to found content writing jobs then, one of the the best source where you can find your perfect content writing jobs is Linkedin .



In this new era every business is depended on internet. Although food marketing business or cloths store or education institutions all things we find on the internet and for advertisement and marketing of all business resources require website or mobile application. There are many types of programming languages for web designing and mobile application development, some basic and main programming languages are such as – Java, Java Script, HTML, PHP, Python, scratch, C++, SQL Ajaex, CSS etc .

If you have good knowledge of programming languages to develop website design and mobile applications, then Web and App designing is the best idea for you as a online business without investment in India or any where in the world . You can open your own Web and App designing agency or work as a freelancer designer. There are many agencies and IT companies are also hiring for web designer or app designer and pay him a good amount as salary.


Dropshipping is just like a e-commerce marketplace but something makes it different. An e-commerce marketplace business as Flip cart, Snapdeal or Amazon requires a lot of money whether a dropshipping business requires very low budget in comparison to a real e-commerce marketplace. But with patience, skill and hard labour you successfully start-up a dropshipping online business without very low budget or without investment. After some times successful running of your own dropshipping business you will earn a very good amount of money. In dropshipping online business you have required only your own a website and not a physical store or shop.

Dropshipping business may be B2B or B2C type of business. It depends types of products, your marketing. You can sell online one others products to customers on your website and you have no tension to deliver the products to customers. The product owner whose product you sell on your website is responsible for packing and delivery of products to customers which will be sold on your website . Now days dropshipping is a best idea as a start-up of product marketplace.


Affiliate marketing is an online marketing business without investment in which you can sell online another company’s products without investment. It is one of the most popular online business without investment in India . You can affiliate physical products, digital products services provided by any company or agency and earn commission from selling these products.

Affiliate marketing is a very successful online business without investment for a long years. The main features of this marketing business is that only it could be done online with or without your own blog or website or blog.

If you have your own blog or website, you can affiliate products there and if you have no any blog however you can start this online marketing business without zero investment through familiar social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Make an account on Amazon or Snapdeal or any website where you want to affiliate products and follow the guidelines. There are several types of products on the web market which could be affiliated and earn a good money. Most Indian famous bloggers affiliate various types of products on their blogs and they are making a huge money online.


To become a freelancer is also a great idea instead of start your own online business without investment in India . If you intend to start your own online business without investment in India. The gig economy is booming fast. As per Forbes records between the year 2005 and 2015, 94 percent of 10 million jobs created were either freelance of temporary gigs. This data shows a great demand of freelancers across different niches to rationally 9-to-5 day jobs. To become a freelancer means you are own boss and business.

A freelancer is self-employed who gives his/her better services to others online and get paid instead of his/her work. For any work you can bid a amount on the freelance website. There are several types of freelancer jobs- such as web designer, app developer, script writer, content writer, SEO expertise jobs, Translation jobs, Graphic designer, animation jobs, news writing jobs, accounting jobs, sales marketing, HRA, Legal jobs, etc. You can work as a part time or full time freelancer as per choice.

If you have any types of skill with sound knowledge you can join any freelance websites and start a job like freelancer. There are some popular freelancer websites where you can join as and earn a good amount are – Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.



Nowadays, graphic services are very highly demanded in the market and it is very good to earn money if you want to start your own graphic services online business without investment in India or any other country. The demand for a skilled graphic designer will never go down. A good skilled graphic designer works for a media agency, advertising agency, web developers, print media etc.

If you are a graphic designer, you can join any freelance website and earn money by taking graphic orders or you can also make your own website for graphic design work remotely. The demand of graphic designer will never end up.


Social media marketing is rapidly growing in India because the India has a large population and most use of Social media. So, chance of social media marketing is growing fast as an online business without investment in India. It is one of the most influential innovation in the last decade. Its popularity is increasing day by day and will not go down anytime. Some popular social media powerhouses like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Tumbler and Redditt have become marketplace to advertise business brands and their marketing.

The demand of social media manager is on the surge as mostly business brands cater to reach their audience online and want more followers for their own brands. Not only business brands but many personal account holders on social media want to increase the numbers of their account followers for quick popularity of their social media accounts and for this purpose they take help of a social media manager and pay them for it.

If you have good content writing skill, SEO skill, Data analysis skill and communication skill you can start your own online business for Social media marketing. Besides it if you have more followers on Instagram and Facebook even you can work as data manager to advertise others social media account and earn money easily as an online business without investment.


In the world of business, an untested idea of anything is a bad idea. If any company start a product business without proper market research it takes a very long time to be popular of his brand name. Before spending of a lot or money for designing, manufacturing and marketing of a product each business brands want to figure out whether anyone even wants to but their product of not. For this purpose good and famous companies carry out online survey to make much better of their products through third party survey websites and pay them instead of conducting survey. So, you can start your online survey as a online business without investment in India after making a simple survey website.


In the word of website SEO is very-very important because without a good SEO no any blog or website can’t perform as you expect. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization means a good SEO of a blog or website takes important roles to filter out the contents for the search engines. If you have a sound knowledge of SEO you can work as a freelancer or make your own SEO agency. There are many business brands and websites or blogger who are looking for a good SEO engineer for their own business websites or blog. To become and SEO expert is a good idea to earn a huge money as online business without investment in India .


Online maid agency is also a good business idea without investment in India to earn money. In today’s busy life most of husband-wife both go to office and have no extra time to care their children. Besides it there are many old age people have no person to care them or some family wants to keep house maid for kitchen works and other home works. At all the demands of home maid or office maid is growing high day by day. If anybody start a online maid agency, he has more opportunity for earnings.

To start an online maid agency it is required to make a website and liaison with local maids of the area and register them after it make it online to get more maids to be registered online on his website. Once he gets success to find more maids online, then he will be able to make money easily without investment by offering home maid services online from his website.


What is consulting services ? Can I make money from consulting service ? Are there many questions rise in your mind ? Off course, you can do it, you can make money from by starting your own consulting services. The word consultant describes to be an expert in any field or niches. Different agencies provide different consulting services to their clients like companies or agencies or individuals.

Now, days many people are looking for best consulting services for start-up, grow their business, restructure of their business plan etc. Various types of consulting services are provided in the market and some of them are IT Consultant, PR services, Accounting consulting, HR consulting, marketing, advertising, Business plan, Legal consulting, Financial consulting etc. If you have a sound knowledge in any field or niches you can start your online business without investment in India as consulting services. You can start your work as a freelancer or start your own consulting services agency.

YouTube advertising

It is well known by all of us that YouTube is the biggest video hosting platform on the internet. Millions of people are working as YouTuber and earning a huge money. But, mostly YouTubers is lagging to prove them as a good youtuber due to very low followers on their YouTube channels however they have good contents on their channels. They want to grow followers on their channels. A lot of business brands want to advertise their products on another’s YouTube channels for growing the sales of their products. There is no lack of advertising brands as well as YouTubers looking to grow their channels.

To become a YouTube advertiser one should have good knowledge of SEO, content writing, Ads creating and pasting knowledge is must, marketing knowledge. If you are proficient in above knowledge you can start your own YouTube advertising agency online business. It is one the most popular online business to earn money quickly.


Nowadays everything is being sold online so, products reviews are a great resource for customers to research their buying options and contemplate the pros and cons of a product or services. Ninety percent businesses also use product reviews as powerful marketing tools to increase positive perceptions of products or services and also to increase their brands awareness. Not only that but product reviews improve costumers trust and loyalty. Product reviews on any online store show what sets of products apart from others similar brands and can strengthen brand credibility. Product reviews encourage customers to interact with good products.

One should have powerful writing knowledge to start a products reviews service. You can start this service through your own blog simple by writing content about a product or service and you will be paid a commission amount from product owner. It is also a good online business without investment in India for a blogger of affiliates.


Education is the one of the biggest necessity in our society. You can see a lot of tuition centres of coaching centres around your neighborhoods. But you can also see that a lot of students are studying online tuitions for their better educations. A good teacher is not available everywhere for each subjects. Nowadays online tuition or coaching is good resource for better education without leaving home. For example Buyju’s, Vedanta etc. are big brand in online education. Although you don’t want a big brand like them you can also start your own online tuition centre in the subject in which you have a sound knowledge. You can also hire some teachers for different subjects if you want to run a standard coaching centre. To run a online tuition centre not only a source to earn money but also it is a great job to educate our society.


Podcasting is the second biggest market after online video marketing. It is very easy to become a podcaster if you have a good sound. Podcasting business provides entertainment or news by uploading audio files online for listeners. Podcasting is also a fun and affordable way to promote a business, connect with influencers and tout your expertise or you can start a podcast as a home business. Nowadays people want to listen to save their time instead of reading. You can earn a huge amount of money from podcast as listeners subscribes for podcast on the topic of their choice. If you have knowledge of any niche or anything you can start a podcast service from your home as a online business without investment in India . Some equipment required for podcasting are – A good quality Microphone and a laptop. You can start it also with your own android mobile phone.


Online cooking business is a very lucrative idea. There are two types in online cooking business. First- Online cooking classes and the second is selling of online food business. In other words we can say that online cooking business is a best idea to start a online business without investment in India.


If you are a good in cooking of various types of delicious foods, to start online cooking classes as online business without investment in India is a lucrative idea. Everyone likes to eat different types tasty and delicious food. There are a lot of cook chef in our country out of them each has different skills and different taste in their foods. There are many men and girls/women want to cook delicious foods but they have not the same skill and they want to learn how to make delicious foods. You can start your online cooking classes on subscription basis for learners of make videos of your cooking tricks and upload them on YouTube. Within some time you will see you are getting a good money from your cooking classes.


Online food selling business is growing fast after COVID-19 pandemic. If a person come back from his office and he is hungry he doesn’t take interest to go in a restaurant for meal, whenever online food service is available. Online food selling is very economical business start-up with low budget. There are some process by completing you can start your online food business.


Online gaming business is one of the most lucrative business in this modern age. Gaming industry is growing fast all over the world due to growth in the internet using and technology improvements availability of high speed internet data and growing interest of the users. Be it children or elders nowadays all people are crazy about the online game. Everyone plays online games in his spare time on their cell phones.


Online book store is also a good idea to start your online business without investment. Although, you will not make fast money with this business but after some times popularity of your online book store you will earn a lot of money. It is very simple to start your own online book store. Make your own a website and upload free books on it and enable a download link for each books available on your book store.


To start a job website is a best idea as online business without investment in India. You know it well that there are very-very crisis to found a job nowadays. Unemployment rate is very high in the country. In such a situation, if you make a job website to provide employment to unemployed, then it is beneficial for both those unemployed and for you. Some job websites example are here for your further thought. These are, Glassdoor, etc.

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