Google Chrome killed the cookie. What now?

Do You face problems with any other languages during online talking with other county’s friend ?

If you face problems with other languages whenever you speak with another person’s language who lives in another country or you can’t understand properly that the person knowing another language at his end. Don’t worry the world’s largest web search company Google has resolved this problem and now, you can hear online to any person who doesn’t know your language. Thenever, you can understand easily, knowing another language person during online talking .


Do you know Google tranlation ? Yes, you know it very well. Do you know about transcribe ? If your answer is no, Let me explain to you. Transcribe means to convert any language speech into another language and Google tranlation has added this facility in google translation. Now you are thinking that google translate is very old system, then how it will help you to understand the another language during online talking. Yes, sure Google translation will help you to understand another language during the online conversation with the person who does not belongs from your language.

To solve this problem Google has made an Android Aap namely Google tranlate which works on any android device . The Aap “Google translate” has the ability to translate any text language into any another foreign language. But, you have requirement for translate any foreign speech into your language. For it the android aap “Google translate” has transcribe facility by which you can translate Eight foreign speech into your known language. These eight languages are :- English, Hindi, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai . But, you should remember that sometimes transcribe rolling out may take a few days with support for combinations for above mentioned eight language.

How to use the aap Google translate ?

Use of Google

To use of the android aap Google translate is very simle. At first go to google play aap in your android device and download the aap “Google tranlate”, then install it into your android mobile. After sucessfully installation open the aap Google tranlate and you will see transcribe icon there.

Before, use it you should ensure that you have the latest update of this aap from Google play store. Then tap on the icon “transcribe” from the home screen of this app and then after, select your any desired two languages i .e your language and another foreign speech language. During conversation you can see transcribe of foreign language in your language and can change size of text or choose the theme mode in dark mode. You can also pause or restart this transcribe by tapping on the mic icon. Important notice:- The transcribe feature works it’s best in a quite environment rather than a noisey environment. Then, download the android aap “Google translate” into your android device and see the benefit of its Transcribe feature.

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